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Links to RFPs and RFQs . . . THIS WEB PAGE IS A TEST

The table below lists Riverbay Corporation's active Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Requests for Quote (RFQ).  The END date is the last date bids will be accepted.  TYPE indicates whether the listing is an RFP or an RFQ.  CATEGORY is a brief description of the type of item.  This is the same category vendors use to register to bid on RFPs or RFQs.  DESCRIPTION is a brief description of the item or items in the RFP or RFQ.  LINK is the address where you will see a complete description of the project or product and where you will post your bids.  Please follow the link to learn more about the product and place your bid.



Riverbay provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities as required by the Fair Housing Act.