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Proposal Letter
Chevron Buildings 

Chevron buildingThere are ten chevron buildings in Co-op City, each of which is 24 stories tall and contains 414 apartments.  Chevron buildings contain 138 one-bedroom, 230 two-bedroom and 46 three-bedroom apartments.  Terraces begin on the third floor of each building and may be found in the A, D and E lines, all of which have five rooms and two bedrooms.  The table below contains links to the floor plans for all the apartments in chevron buildings except the J line.

A 4 2 Yes Floor plans/Chevron/Chevron_A_Wings_AB.jpg
B 4.5 2 No Floor plans/Chevron/Chevron_B_Wings_AB.jpg
C 3.5 1 No Floor plans/Chevron/Chevron_C_Wings_A__B.jpg
D 5 2 Yes Floor plans/Chevron/Chevron_D_Wings_AC.jpg
E 5 2 Yes Floor plans/Chevron/Chevron_E_Wings_AB.jpg
F 6 3 No Floor plans/Chevron/Chevron_F_Wings_AB.jpg
G 4.5 2 No Floor plans/Chevron/Chevron_G_Wings_AB.jpg
H 3 1 No Floor plans/Chevron/Chevron_H__Wings_A__B.jpg
J 3.5 1 No Not available


Riverbay provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities as required by the Fair Housing Act.