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Co-op City is approximately 1 hour from Midtown Manhattan by Express Bus, local bus lines that stop at subway stations and subway.

Express buses stop In one location in each of the three Co-op City sections, then travels express to Midtown Manhattan.  The first stop is on 125th Street and the last is on 23rd Street.

Several local buses, Bx 12 Select, the Bx 23 and the BxQ 50, stop at the Pelham Bay number 6 subway station, which is a very short distance from Co-op City.  The Bx 28 stops at the No. 5 subway line, which is also a short distance away.  The Bx. 26 and 28 stop at the No. 4 subway line.  The Bx No. 12 Select stops at subway stations for the No. 4, 5 and 6. 

there entrances to both I-95 and the Bruckner Expressway from Co-op City.